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Return Visit to Ethiopia

 My wife and I returned to Ethiopia in February 2019 for a tour after living in Addis Ababa in the 1960s and a short visit in 1994. We chose Ethio USA Tours as our travel agency. It was a smart decision. We wanted a custom tour that was in-depth and flexible. Ethio USA Tours met all of our requests. I suddenly became ill before the trip, so needed to re-schedule the itinerary two times. Ethio USA Tours handled the changes efficiently and with a minimum of cancellation fees. Upon arrival in Ethiopia, we were met by a relative of the owner of Ethio USA Tours, who drove us and served as our guide for the ten-day tour to the historical cities of northern Ethiopia. He proved to be not only an excellent driver and quite knowledgeable about Ethiopia's economy, cultures/religions, history, and politics, but also a delightful travelling companion. We visited and overnighted in Bahir Dar, Gonder, Aksum, Mekele, Lalibela, and Dessie. Each day's drive was long, but our driver/guide responded quickly to our requests for rest stops or to view interesting sites. Our hotels selected by the agency were excellent--clean, comfortable, and welcoming. The on-site guides chosen by our agency were well-informed and good communicators. The food in the hotels was basic, but varied, well prepared, and safe. Whatever minor issues arose were quickly and favorably resolved. We were impressed that we were contacted almost daily from Washington by the owner of Ethio USA Tours to ensure that we were well and were fully satisfied by the services provided by our driver/guide. Toward the end of the tour, we asked the agency to try to locate for us two Ethiopian couples, whom we knew from the 1960s, but had lost contact. It was a difficult search, but in the end, Ethio USA Tours found the two families, and we had two delightful reunions. My wife and I enjoyed our return visit to Ethiopia immensely. Our agency played a key role in making our trip so comfortable and rewarding. Ethio USA Tours assured us from the beginning of our preparations that we would be provided with professional, competent, first-class services. The agency faithfully delivered fully on all its promises. My wife and I highly recommend Ethio USA Tours.

John and Anike Buche 


Walking in the footsteps of his majesty

 I travelled with Ethio USA Tours in collaboration with a Rastafari TV. They made it possible for me to fulfil my ancestor pilgrimage. From the start, I received a personal service (second to none) and was treated with care and respect by all involved in the planning and execution of the tour. I would recommend Ethio USA Tours as a potential travel choice.


Wesley D


My first introduction to a small part of Africa! An amazing and ancient culture like no other!

 Ethiopia thru Abera and ETHIO USA TOURS - My first introduction to a small part of Africa! A mesmerizing and ancient culture like no other!!

"On the way to see an American friend doing social work in Somaliland, I decided to see Ethiopia as my first African stop. Boy, was I in for an amazing adventure full of many great and positive surprises? From delightfully different Ethiopian Cuisine (to include Bunna - the local coffee) to rich customs, tribes, forts, and churches —old and new! People have been the best experience there and a gem of a man Abera thru whom I experienced all things Ethiopian. Not only have I met a fantastic human being but equally fantastic tour operator that I remained friends with and made repeated visits to his country as recently as a few years ago. " I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the company. 

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An amazing trip to be forever remembered!

 I have lived and traveled around the world; some trips you forget about and some trips just stick to you because they change your life. Travelling through Southern Ethiopia with Abera was such a trip, it was just exceptional! I was travelling with my (very) often grumpy mature parents even though sceneries and sensory experiences were just more beautiful and stunning one than the other. Thank goodness, Abera was one of the most composed, competent, knowledgeable, interesting and kind guides I have ever met ! We drove over 2000 Kms in 10 days on remote and on mud roads to reach tribes in the Omo Valley, discovering delicious local dishes and that strange spongy grey bread that accompanies every meal along the way. An unforgettable road trip? Yes, for sure and one I would love to do again as soon as possible! Thanks Abera, wish you all the best! 


Choose Excellent Customer Service at Ethio USA Tours

 I already had my ticket to Addis Ababa from Washington DC but I was having a difficult time planning my trip to Asmara, Eritrea and Lalibela, the famous city with the medieval churches carved out of rock. I was running out of time and did not know what to do. Then a friend put me in touch with Ethio USA Tours. Abera, the owner came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested I visit Lalibela for two days, return to Addis the morning of November 17, wait at the airport a few hours then fly to Asmara that same afternoon. He arranged the flights and also gave me great ideas about what to do in Asmara. Everything worked out perfectly! Thank you so much Abera-- it would not have happened without you.
Andrea Barron 


A Hidden Gem

 I met with Ethio USA Tours during ATIGS 2018, the gentleman I spoke with was so passionate about traveling that 5 minutes into talking I had to ask where he was talking about. I was shocked to hear that the country he described was Ethiopia. I can honestly say I had never considered going to this part of Africa before. I had to ask why was he so passionate he let me know he was from there and had lead tourism there for over 20 years before coming to the United States. Now he wants to help share what Ethiopia has to offer. The tour he set up was to see the holy sites of Lalible and Axum in the North and to see the tribal culture of the South of Ethiopia. He handled everything from the plane to accommodations. I have to say I felt safe the whole time, we chose to have a tour guide with us the helping us see the culture up close. This is a trip that is almost indescribable, because of how much we experienced in two weeks. The food was amazing (remember to eat with your right hand and bring coffee home with you it is life changing), the sights are not done justice even with pictures. I can not wait to go back for Easter 2020.