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About us

We have been in the industry 20+ years


Let me introduce our company ETHIO USA TOURS, is a US-based company which has recruited the best-experienced agents and is run by two experienced directors who have established themselves in the tourism industry. 

The core of our business is inbound to the USA and outbound to Africa and the Middle East. But we specialize in Ethiopian tourism. The joy of traveling can be enjoyed virtually anywhere in the world. Yet one of the best countries for breathtaking scenery, rugged but majestic mountains, exotic flora, fauna (mainly endemic mammals, birds, plants) and pristine cultural diversity maintained by perpetual historical site and tribes undoubtedly it is Ethiopia. 

We have staff who dedicated their time to working in the US and Africa. The Washington DC and Maryland office is led by a native Ethiopians and business development manager who has worked with the tourism industry for many years. We have much other staff working with us. We also have permanent representatives in several countries to help deliver our core services.